2018 Kitchen Trends

Is this the year you’ve decided to tackle a kitchen renovation? Check out some of the top kitchen trends for 2018, and hopefully grab a little inspiration.

1. Decorative Hood Ranges

Gone are the days of the ugly hood range. There are so many possibilities now. The hardest part might be choosing your favourite.





2.Open Shelving

Although it made it’s debut a few years ago, it looks like open shelving is here to stay. Open shelving helps make small kitchens look more open and bright. It’s a great way to show off your beautiful cookware and it’s less expensive than traditional upper cupboards!


3. Dream Pantries

Pantries are a great way to hide and organize all of that countertop clutter. If you’re renovating I’d highly recommend including a pantry.


4. Banquet Style Seating

Banquet Style Seating is making a comeback. Although we are seeing it in family rooms it’s most popular in kitchens. Think, cute little breakfast nooks.


5. Concrete

When you think concrete you probably don’t think kitchen, but it’s becoming increasingly popular as a countertop option. It has many different colour options and it’s extremely customizable. Just make sure you pair it with soft and airy design elements to balance out the look.


6. Smart Kitchens

In every aspect of our lives, technology is essential and that’s no exception when it comes to kitchens. Smart Fridges that remind you to replace groceries, coffee makers that remember your drink preferences and touch sensor faucets are just a few things people are including into their smart kitchens.



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