The Top Home Buyer Pet Peeves

It is so important to know your house buyer’s biggest turn-offs before you list your home on the market. Take note of these top six!


  1. Damp Patches, Stained Walls & Ceilings
    Sometimes these are inevitable, but at the first sight of them, you should take care of it AND the underlying cause

    2. Dull Lighting

    A poor lit room can mean when a potential home buyer walks in, they don’t get that welcoming feeling they are searching for. Keep your rooms well-lit, replace old fixtures and add new ones, all while opening the curtains to give the appearance of a bright, open space that showcases warmth.3.Odors
    You may have grown nose-blind to the odors in your home, but buyers will notice it as soon as they step through the door. Pet odors and cigarette smoke are especially troublesome. At a minimum, until you move out you need to smoke outside and clean the litter pan, wash the dog and empty the trash more frequently. Forego cooking strong-smelling foods. Lastly, open the windows occasionally to let in some fresh air.Extra Tip: If you have pets, use a blacklight flashlight to help you find urine residue that you otherwise can’t see on rugs, floors, walls or furniture. Spot clean with a vinegar solution or enzymatic cleaners designed for that purpose.

    4. Outdated Bathrooms
    Acrylic knobs in the bathroom look cheap and can be hard to use by young, aged or soapy hands. Replace them with a faucet and handle set that is up to date. A polished-chrome finish will cost you the least and will still be durable.
    Get rid of that strip of bare, round lights over your bathroom mirror. Replace it with a fixture that includes a shade for each bulb or a bath bar in a style and finish that complements your faucet set. If you have a one-person mirror, you could replace the vanity strip with a wall sconce on either side of the mirror to achieve better lighting for shaving or applying make-up. You can even add a picture frame around your mirror for extra, inexpensive flare.Lastly, while some home buyers may appreciate having carpet underfoot in the bedrooms, it’s a total turn-off in the bathroom, where it will absorb moisture and more. Eliminate the yuck factor by replacing the carpet with high-quality, but economical vinyl flooring that looks like tile.

    5. Cluttered Rooms
    You want buyers to imagine living in your home, not to wonder “How can these people live like this?” when they come through the front door. Good news! It’s not too soon to sort through your stuff. Donate, sell, recycle or trash whatever you don’t want or need in your next home. Pack up your non-essential stuff that you do want to keep (store the boxes neatly in your garage or other storage area). Tidy and organize drawers, cabinets or closets that buyers will be sure to check out. Then thoroughly clean your house, top to bottom, and be prepared to keep it that way until you move out.

    6. Over the Top Decor
    Paint over colors that reflect your taste but may put off potential buyers, such as a scarlet-red accent wall, a lemon-yellow child’s bedroom or a forest-green den. Fun colors are for living, but neutral colors are for selling. Avoid using stark-white paint, though. Choose a warm neutral color — beige, ivory, taupe or light gray — that makes your rooms look inviting, larger and brighter. Redo painted trim in white.

    Also, put away any decor items that are personal to you. While you may adore them and their sentimental value, not everyone who walks through your home is going to appreciate them as much.

    The good thing about the above pet peeves is that they are all completely fixable. While some may come across as a nuisance, you will thank yourself when there is high interest in your lovely, well-kept property. For a complete list of turn-offs and deterrents, feel free to ask for the expert advice of your Realtor.

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