What is the Cloud & How Does it Work?

Here’s all you need to know about the technology that has transformed computing, and why it is the core of Blackrock Realty

In short, ‘the cloud’ is just a short form term for ‘cloud computing’, which refers to the idea of using someone else’s computers (usually operated by a business) on the Internet for things we previously used our own for like storing data and running programs.

  1. The Cloud is Everywhere
    Just like it’s meteorological namesake, the cloud is literally everywhere there are a computer and an internet connection. A cloud application usually runs on multiple powerful internet-connected computers spread around the world. It’s as simple as you signing into the application using any web browser or device with a connection and it’s available!
  2. Its Strength is Powerful
    The reason the cloud has caught has become so popular is that it allows organizations of any size to provide high-end applications that can be used by numerous people at the same time, regardless of their location. Not to mention, with someone else’s processor doing all the legwork, you don’t need a sophisticated computer to take advantage.
    Take this for example: Running an application like Microsoft Office needs a powerful PC with a great deal of hard disk space (not something everyone can afford.) However, the cloud-based office suite (Google Docs) provides many of the same features for little to no cost on ANY device and are kept SAFE.Another great point is now you don’t have to risk losing your USB flash drive (or disk!) Because of its flexibility, cloud applications allow you to access documents and files online. The convenience is incredible!3. The Cloud is Not Owned by Anyone
    Just like the internet, the cloud isn’t owned or managed by any one organization. In other words, it’s a collective term for a variety of applications operated by many different companies. Some well-known players we have all heard of that incorporate cloud-based applications include Google, Youtube, Microsoft & Dropbox.

    4. It’s Becoming Increasingly Popular All the Time
    Subscription services like Netflix, Spotify or Apple iTunes are great examples of using up your device’s storage is not necessary. Instead, the video or audio ‘streams’ from the cloud to your computer, smartphone or tablet right away, so you can enjoy it immediately.

    5. The Cloud is Generally Free
    Aside from the above-noted subscription services, many cloud applications are free of charge. If however, you do sign up for a paid subscription, most are monthly, meaning you can cancel and start up again whenever you would like.

    6. It’s Secure
    Storing your files in the cloud is virtually safer than keeping it on your own computer. If a computer is stolen, for example, everything stored on it is stolen too. When those files are also stored on the cloud, downloading them to a new computer is simple and quick. Also, cloud application providers also use encryption to make it very difficult for hackers to get at.

At Blackrock Realty, we strive to stay ahead as a modern, cloud-based brokerage. Our agents know the power of convenience by having access to all necessary documents, applications, and forms in one place to run their business effortlessly. What does this mean for our clients? Your information is and always will be safe and secure. We implement a paperless office, so reports and transactions are always completed electronically.

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