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5 Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy a House

The winter months are generally spent visiting family, eating food and making great memories. Temperatures may drop and snow could even be on the ground, and the last thing on [...]

The Top Things NOT To Do When Selling Your Home

The process of selling your home can, without a doubt, be stressful, but we strongly advise that you take great care when preparing to put your house on the market. [...]

The Top Home Buyer Pet Peeves

It is so important to know your house buyer's biggest turn-offs before you list your home on the market. Take note of these top six!   Damp Patches, Stained Walls & [...]

Actions to Avoid if You Want to Buy a Home

Good news! You have just been pre-approved and your future dream is under contract, but that doesn't mean you can sit back and assume the home is yours. While most [...]