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Graphic Genius/Office Manager

Shelley Prince is the face behind the aesthetic magic and online presence at Blackrock Realty. As both the Marketing Manager & Graphic Designer, Shelley brings over 15 years of expertise to the table.  Her infatuation with originality and eye for detail carved a pathway to Advertising & Communications Media in college, where she excelled with honours. Miss Prince is continually expanding her knowledge of the design world and prides herself on staying current with trends and what appeals to clients. She fully engages herself in each piece of work she delivers, and the creativity Shelley possesses means fresh, new ideas are always being brought to Blackrock Realty.

Shelley grew up in a very close-knit family, so it was only natural she carried this forward when she began having children of her own. She is the proud mother of two kindred spirits. When she is not juggling parenthood and work, Shelley is usually hiking outdoors or in the Yoga studio for some relaxation and strength training. She has also recently found a true passion for baking in the kitchen!

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